It was so terrible that 100 words certainly would not cover it. We entered the store and the sign said that one side of the cashier was closed and we went to the other side and that side was not open.

There was very little spoons and forks available. No knifes. The first plate I picked up was dirty. We had trouble locating the cleanest dirty table to sit at.

Most of the tables had many dirty dishes on them. There was only one waiter for half of the store. There was no steak and I had to return latter to get steak. The desert counter was poorly stocked.

I saw your manager getting a plate of food to eat and not caring about the poor service that the customers were getting. I had to go and get the refills of beverages at our table.

I have gone to this facility many times and this was the worse it has ever been.

It is next to impossible to get the surgery submitted to the Golden Corral.

Review about: Golden Corral Manager.

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