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This past Mother's Day, May 11, 2014, myself, my 2 year old, my mother n' law, her sister and our pastor dined at Golden Coral. When I walked in it never smelled clean but I decided perhaps some of the diners were sweaty and maybe not as fresh.

The next day I got severely ill. I started having harsh stomach cramps that turned into nausea, then vomiting. My vomiting was accompanied, simultaneously by diarrhea. Next, I get a phone call from my husband, who is on is way back home to help me.

My mother n law is with him and she has just started throwing up. Long story short, my mother n law is hospitalized, my 2 year old has horrible diarrhea and although I didn't go to hospital, the diarrhea came back. After brainstorming, we discovered each of us (me, mamma, and my 2 year old) had eaten the same things. Myself and my daughter had smaller portions and my mother n law had eaten the entire portion.

Mother's sister and pastor had not eaten the same dishes. WE came to the conclusion, it had to have been the food last eaten, which was the Golden Coral dishes. And since we had gone our separate ways after dining, it wasn't a virus or "bug". If this were so, mother's sister would have gotten sick as well since they went to the same house afterwards.

I find this situation appalling and absolutely horrible.

This establishment is obviously careless with there foods. We will be filing a legal complaint.

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Get the runs after eating there most of time if you lucky enough to make it out door cause usually bathroom too discussing to use.........


There are lots of attorneys who will be happy to take on this legal complaint. Be sure you bring $3000 with you when you talk to them.


Filing a legal complaint? As opposed to what, just an ordinary venting?

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #815274

Okay I will admit it I only made this up because I was fired from them recently.

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #815268

Just to add to the complaint above, I want to stress the Golden Coral that we dined at was located on Tara Blvd in Atlanta, Ga, not in Smyrna, GA. Smyrna is where I reside.

Thank you!

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