On the 17th of March 2013 my mother took my wife and I out to eat. We went to eat at the Golden Corral on 9111 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249, and we were very disappointed.

They were very under staffed; we had to wait on food to be restocked before we could eat. There were food that was wasted on the counters and not cleaned up. I feel like if your short on staff members then you shouldn’t have someone outside the door warning everyone that the price is higher then normal. I love Golden Corral and have always eaten at their restaurants, but I would never go back to this one.

The cook that was grilling the meat was very rude and the bread area only had 10 pieces in it. We had to wait for them to bring food out of the back to stock the food line. When we asked the waiter how long it would take for them to restock and he said 5 minutes. So 10 minutes has past and still no bread.

I am not trying to be picky but after eating with you guys for years I know these are not your standards. I understand that sometimes children mess over the dessert bar, but the one person back there didn’t have time to clean up the mess the kids made because she was to busy trying to decorate 6 cakes. Ice cream machine was over running and dripping all over the floor. But instead of anyone cleaning as they go it seems that they ignored it.

The chairs, tables, and window seals look like they haven't been cleaned in a while. We ended up leaving after about 15 minutes. We didn’t even eat.

I felt it’s my duty to let someone know that this issue has occurred.

Product or Service Mentioned: Golden Corral Waiter.

Monetary Loss: $46.

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Helotes, Texas, United States #744775

I frequently go to this Golden Corral and your complaints are valid. I will go on to say that the so called chocolate fountain is actually chocolate syrup and not melted chocolate.

The Bakery is pathetic they over proof the rolls so they are always hard. The other day they had chocolate pudding that was lumpy and watery. The Baker always looks frazzled. They do have some great wait staff.

When we went during Prime Rib month the prime rib was over cooked and dry and gray. While I ask for some that was cooked like the picture (and they way prime rib should be cooked) I was told by the manager that the over temp was set to high and they didn't realize it until after they had cooked all the prime rib...seriously. The problems with this Golden Corral is the franchise owner who is currently trying to sell it. I see no reason for him to cut corners since this Golden Corral always seems to have steady business.

The issues with no putting out fresh cooked food is because of the owner wanting to push the old cold food. If you live in San Antonio and don't mind a little drive I highly suggest you visit the Golden Corral in Universal City, Texas. They have a excellent bakery and all the food is constantly made fresh, it is clean and well maintained the servers are fast and friendly.

It is clear the owner cares about his franchise as it is reflected in the high standards they continue to maintain. It's a shame the owner of the one located just outside of Helotes, Texas doesn't have the same pride in his business.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #625022

You have no idea how busy they were before you got there. Exactly what do you mean they shouldn't have somebody standing outside the door warning everybody that the prices are higher than normal?

That makes absolutely no sense. No 10 minutes didn't past, they might have passed, but not past. You can't tell me that all these things were wrong, and I didn't see anything that horrible in your pictures. In case you didn't know it, when it comes to cleanliness, health inspectors go through any business that handles food, including grocery stores, every so often.

If the business doesn't make a certain score, they have a deadline to correct the problem and will be re-inspected. I think you saw one or two things that you found fault with and decided to just keep complaining about everything.

Texarkana, Arkansas, United States #625014

Another redneck pig that couldnt get their fill of 20,000 calories in one sitting. How sad.

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