I am no longer pleased with Golden Corral.They have the plates (stained) sitting out with the silverware for the customer to get.

Last week a customer in front of me was coughing and handling everything. This is not a safe way for the public to be handled. With all the germs on peoples hands and their coughing, doesn't make me feel comfortable eating there any longer.

This is the Golden Corral in Morehead City, NC.If I go back there, and they haven't changed their procedures back to the way they used to be where your silverware was wrapped in a napkin, and the plates were clean, I will walk out and never go back, and will spread the word to others.

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You can catch much more than just a cold from dirty plates and silverware, there is hepatitis A, hepatitis B ( more common if employees don't wash there hands after using the bathroom). So with that said, if they cant keep thier plates clean how is to say they can keep thier hands clean.


They have the plates (stained) sitting out with the silverware for the customer to get.

so the customers are not supposed to get silverware or plates?

there is nothing preventing you from bringing your own plates and silverware.


I bet you're some sloppy fat@ss pig.Boooo hoooo hoooo.

If this all you have to complain about then GET A D@MN LIFE!!!This site is for legitimate complaints only.

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