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my husband worked for golden coral one day and left because they was clearly cross contaminating their chicken and beef well that has been 2 months ago and guess what he still hasn't been paid for working that day smh what kind of business promotes free labor yeah its only one day but its ours and for him to come home completely disgusted and not wanting to eat even my food had to be really bad there ive called corporate and keep getting the same answer its on its way will be there monday but failed to state which monday in which month in which year smh very disgusted with this company

Review about: Golden Corral Sanitary Conditions.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #749852

Ssheppard806 - next time you it intelligently....the trash you wrote is well.......trash...


Isn't your husband mature enough to do his own complaining. He might get better results than you do, because his grammar, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation can't be as bad as yours.

to anonymous #743529

Who the *** are u NoBoDY !!!! If u don't like move along I'm not here to please you !!!! :p loll hint the word husband meaning we are one must b a divorce person who was selfish and only out for yourself not to fuking ignorant u can't read

to Ssheppard806 #749832

And you can't WRITE! Or SPELL! You need a an English refresher course, Dude!

to anonymous Hawi, Hawaii, United States #763844

Maybe it is, maybe her husband is seven years old.

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