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I was fired from golden corral today I've been training a hike week no complaints tips even during training in I was fired he said he doesn't have to have a reason he jus feel it's not going to work out but I have never did nething wrong towards no one my customers love me I work hard everything but was fired I am a mother a single mother and have to pay my bills I walked to work every day n they fired me I recorded the hole conversation he said I was on probation for haven a lot of jobs n a short time but I didn't do nething wrong to be fired at all once I got mad he tried to offer my job back buy it didn't make scene because why would u take it n try to offer it back Wtf

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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What is this person attempting to communicate? My difficulty is comprehension is due to zero punctuation on the authors part.

She seems to have a poor attitude, lack basic education and a poor command of the English Lagrange. My 3rd grader writes better than this.

With her poor attitude, general ignorance and lacking the ability to communicate there is no wonder in her firing. I am more surprised she was hired in the first place.

to Anonymous #1524925

What kind of company hires people like this?

to Anonymous #1526190

Lol yeah ok it doesn't matter new job better pay ho


Punctuation and proper spelling go a LONG way. Nothing is spelled N-O-T-H-I-N-G not N-E-T-H-I-N-G.

That's just one of the many mistakes here. The title should be "I feel THEY'RE " Not THERE.If you really want to do well for your children, please go back to school and learn a few basics.


Then you have the nerves to tell me it was my actions no one shows crazy actions until somebody shows them something crazy I respect all until I get disrespected


I have the whole conversation from the time I got fired on my phone recorded and nothing was ever said about me eating it was said that I just wasn't needed


No you were fired for snacking. You even admit this.

It was also your attitude and work ethic. You have even told us all this by your many many posts. It’s very clear you don’t listen. Just because you were hired doesn’t mean that you are going to be a good fit for that managers team.

You can be upset but it was YOUR actions that caused you to be fired. You snacked which is against thier policy. What the manager does in allowing other people to eat has exactly jack squat to do with YOU. You are just looking to justify YOUR snacking by example blaming.

It’s the managers butt on the line if they do something wrong. So what the manager does has NOTHING to do with YOUR SNACKING!! Get over it and move on it’s not racism and you know this. You are seeking ANY EXCUSE to justify YOUR BEHAVIOR!

Grow up you child. Life isnt fair and you did this all to yourself. If and I say IF you were as stellar of an employee as you seem to think you are many managers would overlook your snacking. I wasn’t even there and I can tell you exactly what you did besides snacking that got you terminated.

You talk too much. You give attitude when it’s not your place to give it. Your overly opinionated and have no problem sharing your opinions with your co workers. I’m also betting that you and another female with tenure had issues.

The best you can do is BE BETTER and move on. Everything you have posted so far shows that YOU were the problem.

Learn from this and move on. Sorry to be so harsh but someone has to.

to Durpa #1518069

I really don't care what you are talking about because it's just Golden Corral you only made $2.37 there anyway and regardless if I was snacking everybody in there was snacking so don't just point the fingers at me from snacking and every time I ate I got permission from a manager so don't say that I was just in there snacking because I wasn't and no I do not talk too much maybe you need to stay in your place and watch out who you're talking to don't worry about me and my job and no I did not do nothing at that job in if I did have an attitude I had an attitude for a reason do to others how you want done to you simple I was never mad until this day they should have never hired me if they said I was never going to work out so be quiet little rabbit and stay in your place like I said it has a lot to do with racism favoritism and all kinds of stuff if you going to fire me for snacking you might as well fire the whole Golden Corral because no one is supposed to eat for free and everybody up there snacks so that's *** and as long as the Ten Commandments allows me to speak my mind I will speak it I will not kiss nobody's *** for no chump change you can continue to be at just an employee working at a fast food if you want to it's not a lifestyle thing it just something to put you on your feet and until there's not one young black woman up there none everybody Mexican

to Durpa #1518074

My comments on here has nothing to do with my job because if I still have my job these comments wouldn't even be on here I lost my job for no reason this isn't my first job this isn't my first go-around you're not being harsh you're being silly cuz you don't even know what you're talking about everything coming out your mouth you are assuming because of what you're eating that's what's wrong with the world now have proof first don't judge silly rabbit


If it isn't any racism it's a whole lot of favoritism and that's not good at a job either I'm 30 years old I know the difference from being mistreated and being treated right and equally Affair and I was treated very unfair


I was hired of course to make it look like they had no problem with black women I was the only young black women Working there the only if u don't call it racists it was some *** I'm a mother I don't jus hire n fire someone like thT I have bills n a family I take care of they gave a million fake reason why i couldn't work they try to make my disability a issue all that


First of all I was not there for 90 days second of all I was not put on probation because of that's what jobs do I was put on probation because he said I had too much job history if you feel like a person has too much job history either you hire them or you don't hire them you don't automatically put someone on probation it doesn't make sense I did two interviews I was the only one that did two interviews ever three of the Mexican lady that got hired the same day did one interview and that was it you have no idea what happened up there so you might want to stop commenting because you're not making sense it's a lot of racism in the situation is favoritism discrimination you sit up here and let six people eat for free and told me that I couldn't I sat and watched 6 people eat with no receipt nor did she ask them for a receipt but they sat there and they ate she told me that I had got into it with one of the other managers that's above her cuz I had got into it with them why didn't they fire me I should not have been able to complete my whole training if I wasn't need it simple he told me I was fired because he didn't think it was going to work out he don't have no other reason I get my paycheck I only have 10 hours I work 4 days a full training how do my check only have 10 hours now you tell me


They did not put you on probation because of race. Whether a job will tell you or not when they do an interview/hire, you are typically put on a 90 probation.

During that time, they CAN fire you and do NOT have to give an explanation but, you had to have done something before those 90 days were up. I'm sorry but with everyone playing the race card these days - it's getting ridiculous!

to Someone #1513209

I did nothing do u not understand that I completed all my training I never did nething wrong but work I don't care wat no one says if it wasn't race then wat was like he tolde he jus don't feel I would work out


N the fire why fire me doesn't make scene u say we have to pay before we eat but they don't pay I had to do to interviews they didn't they eat they pants to tight that'd where it is


Where's the racism?

to Anonymous #1504919

When I was hired I had to do to interviews I was put on probation when i got the job because he said my job history then I was fired out of nowhere he told he jus didn't see me working out told me he didnt have to. have a resaon to let me go the female manager let's people eat all the time with no pay but told me the reason I was fired because all I do is eat if that's the case why didn't u fire me n training they said everyday all I do is eat

to Anonymous #1513555

Everyone hired is on 90 days probation. If you speak like you write, customers probably couldn't understand you.

to Anonymous #1513773

Obviously you understand what I'm saying because you're responding so that mean everything that I'm writing your understanding my customer service has nothing to do with me texting and typing this is a computer that means you don't put the whole word I made $45 my first day of training that's how good I am you don't even make money during training my train he paid me because he told me I was awesome they said my trainee told them I wasn't no good so why is it so many reasons and excuses to fire me but none of them are the truth they can't prove none of the information that they're giving out about other people saying this

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