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Golden Corral Prime Rib Steak Review from Searcy, Arkansas 1 of 1 people found it helpful
Was at the Eastgate store on 09-04-2016, went to try there Prime Rib that they make look so good on TV. Got a little slice about 1/8 inch thick, could not even taste the meat for all the pepper rub the put on it. got 1 more piece and cut the outside off of it and it did not even taste like beef much less prime rib and it was cold, also got a baked potato that was so cold the the spread did not even melt after half an hour of being there Went...
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I liked
  • Food was hot and appealing
I didn't like
  • Rotten food
Very diappointed with Golden Corral Conway, Arkansas Saturday August 13, 2016. Prime rib so rare, blood floating in plate...medium steak very close to rare or medium rare, did not have warm pink center. Very good cut of meat, but undercooked, not to mention health problems this could cause. Waitress admitted that they have had many complaints, but hesitant, since she had been threatened with job, if she said anything. What the ?, your waitress...
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Prime rib was raw dripping blood un safe to eat. didn't keep empty pans of food out, fried chicken was dry and cold, very disappointed. I am reporting this issue to the health department on Monday so the Golden Corral # 2523 Hendersonville N.C. can been inspected by the health inspector! There was cold food not properly heated also. everyone was avoiding the prime rib or should I say raw bloody uncooked lump of raw meat! They did not have the...
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I didn't like
  • No jumbo shrimp
  • Cold food
  • Raw bloody meat