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Ate at Golden Corral in Springfield, IL, last night (senior). The manager, Jim, was standing by the rolls and cookie area talking to a server about how "f....."slow the "***" night was.

Went on to walk in front of the pizza area, picked up a piece of food and threw it across the floor, while still cussing! I asked server Roger who this guy was who was waking around cussing while customers were getting their food right by him. Roger stated that Jim was their GM, and cusses all the time using the "f" word. If the servers cussed around the patrons, i bet they would get fired immediately!

The GM, Jim, came over to apologize after Roger advised him my friend and I were asking questions and taking pictures of him while cussing around people. Jim said, "If I come in in a bad mood, I tell my people they better cheer me up! I'm a Christian and my children go to Calvery Academy. My wife says I need to watch my mouth around my children all the time.

" This guy is used to cussing, it's part of his personality. He should not be in a GM position with his negative personality and cussing around customers and children in this well-known eating establishment! I feel sorry for his coworkers!

I went here to celebrate with a friend for both of us just buying new cars that afternoon. I won't be going back and neither will my friend.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1072835

Contact corporate and give them the info, with photos. They have a website.

You can either call or email them.

Do so, please. They need to know about this location and the GM.

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