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This poorly maintained Golden Corral is along I-81, Hagerstown, MD. Store #2600. My wife and I, after paying at the entrance for the buffet, were absolutely shocked at the filthy buffet area. While customers can be sloppy, there is no reason for the buffet to resemble an area where it hadn't been cleaned for hours.

I pulled out my camera and took pictures of the entire line of main course items and the same filthy mess was at each station!

The "server" said she'd be right back with our drinks; however, she cleaned at least nine tables in her section and never returned with out drinks. She ignored us and finally I went to the cashier and requested someone bring our drinks.

We did NOT leave her a tip. Why should be when she did NOTHING for us as a customer.

The health board in Hagerstown needs to inspect this "restaurant" regularly. If the buffet was unsanitary, I can only imagine what the kitchen resembles.

After this posting, I'm sending pics to Golden Corral corporate. Hopefully, they'll can the staff at the restaurant and start fresh...including a clean buffet.

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So you thought it was filthy, you were horrified, took the time to take photos . .


and then sat down and ate there anyway?

to Anonymous #1145442

Looks like the guy just wants a free meal. He just made an excuse not to tip.

He probably expects someone to sit down and clean up after each person takes food.

He does not understand that the customers made the mess.

to Anonymous #1145525

As someone who has spent their entire work like in hospitality and the service industry, I wanted to see exactly how this restaurant operated and it was terrible! I wanted others to see the shabby operation for what it was.

If my post resulted in improved service and quality, I achieved my goal.

If not, then the restaurant and corporate Golden Corral needs to replace the management there and pull the franchise.

I do this regularly when I travel. If its good, I compliment staff and corporate, if NOT, then they get this type of comment.

Nice to know that there are people like you who appreciate sloppy restaurants where good service and cleanliness don't exist.


And they wonder why the *** of Americans are so large :(

Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #872098

Ryans is a thousand times worse. I work there.

Its like that everyday at Ryans. You think Golden Corrals filthy ha. Youve never been to Ryans.

Im shocked we still open. We suck so much.

Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #630879

I eat there prolly once a month and ive NEVER seen it like that. I can only guess it was a crazy busy daythat day as i know it can get SUPER busy in there at times.

The food is typically always good. my serviceis always prettty good. Never had very BAD service, but each waitress has a section of about 30 tables n usually, when im there atleast, most of the tables r occupied. I think your being an unsympathetic ***.if u want fine dining and awesome quisine go to the *** Olive garden on the other side of the mall.

Its Golden Corral buffet, ppl are dumb and slobs and u cant expect top quality 24/7 there or anywhere for that matter. Instead of writing a review with your lil pictures u could just have got your money back n gone somewhere else, but no, u stayed.

Thats on u. Next time dont be a cheap *** n take your wife someplace nice.

Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania, United States #590000

We go often and yes, it can get messy from time to time but I always see them cleaning the area. As far as the waitress not bringing their drinks when they sat down, I have ALWAYS been given my drink when I ordered!!

Never got sick from the food and I can't complain about their wait staff any more or any less then some other places we eat at(some paying 4 times the amount per person) we are getting ready to head there now so your pictures didn't change my mind! :)


My husband and I have eaten there quite a few times. Each time, it seems to get worse! The food quality has severely gone downhill!

I understand it's busy, then hire buss people to clean and keep food serving area's clean.

Clean the scroungy rug!!!

We haven't eaten there in a long time and won't be going back!!

to Diane #1145445

Why not learn how to cook and be a good wife. They probably clean up hundreds of times but pigs like you make more of a mess.


After reading what Bob, the "Deucer" said, I surely don't want to go to ANY business he might patronize. What a low class looser!

I've eaten at the Golden Corral in Hagerstown, MD 5-6 times. It's ALWAYS busy and with folks like Bob grazing at the buffet, there's surely going to be some mess to attend to. However, I've noticed the staff always stays after the mess, and the food is quite good. When you consider the price, it's a winner.

We've ALWAYS been taken care of by the servers promptly and pleasantly. Our only complaints at this location is the class of customers they serve and contend with.


One time I had such a bad experience that I pulled down my pants and dropped a big ol' deuce on the buffet.


If the dressings in the third picture had been left on the counter for even 30 minutes, they would have been translucent from the egg in them drying. I call bull.


Again to all my fans HELLO!!!! I will be at this location on Sunday June the 5th for my 31st birthday celebration!!!.

I will be rubbing my balls on the entire buffet and you food. For the hottest lady to suck my johnson, I will have your bill paid by me directly.

Have been rubbing my junk on food at this location since 2004!! I am a local hero and fun guy to be around!!!!


I have eaten at this restaurant once, and that was enough for me. It was filthy, and my son and I both ended up with food poisoning.

It was pretty busy at the time, so I would expect a mess at the buffet, but our tables were dirty.

Our server did a great job however. I have alot of friends who love this Golden Corral, so maybe it was just an off night when I was there.


I've visited the Hagerstown GC many many times, I've observed employees on their hands and knees cleaning under tables and wiping off the pedestal of the tables and legs of chairs. I've watched them cleaning the buffets and refilling them.

I've always enjoyed their food, it's very good! I've been there when it hasn't been busy and when it's been extremely busy, those times the buffet may have some empty buffet dishes but they eventually get them filled. People need to keep in mind "some people are pigs!" it isn't their house (can't imagine what their houses look like) but if they slop all over they don't care. I hate seeing people taking huge plates of food ( you can go back as many times as you want people the food doesn't disappear) and then leave it lay on their tables to be thrown out (take what you are going to eat!

why be so wasteful!!) Anyway, when it's so busy there isn't any way possible for the employees to keep up with every single spill the minute it happens, they are seating customers, getting drinks, filling the buffet so people like these that wrote don't complain. Would any of you want this job for what they get paid??? It's easy to sit and say they didn't do this or that? but comeon look at the challenges the employees face every day!

OH I was also there when they gave away bikes to kids and I never saw a little face light up like theirs did...

I think it's a great restaurant... some of you need to get a life and quit your complaining about stuff that doesn't need fixed

as a note - I always look around and observe these things as I used to be a former inspector at another restaurant chain and yes I still eat at the GC when I get a chance!


I took the family to this place on a recent evening (March 2011). I found the place to be about what I expected from a GC, except for one really awful thing- someone had scratched the letters KKK into a men's room stall door.

It made me mad and ashamed of the community at the same time. I hope they sand this down or something, pronto!


I haven't eaten at either G.C. or Ryan's, though I'm told G.C.

is posh-posh compared to Ryan's. But if folks are looking for at least a lunchtime buffet alternative, they should try the Fireside Restaurant at the Plaza Hotel, which I've enjoyed.


You may come in but you must pay DOUBLE the price. If you take anymore pics, you will be in a big pot of trouble.

Get you drink, tray, and whatever food you want and be quiet.

You will be searched for a camera and stink bugs. Enjoy!


No!!! Stop it!!!

Stop telling these things!!! Ok, ok, I admit it. I am trying to make you look bad. Please don't sue me.

I have debt out the whazoo, and I have to panhandle at 711 by doing Ted Williams impressions. I will take the post down, please don't sue me. If maybe you let me in one last time, I will behave.

Please, I am hungry. I should just sell my laptop, but I need it to function.


I know who you are since you made derogatory comments to me when you threw in the stink bugs when I had you removed. Photoshop is the wave of the future, and furthermore, I am so sorry our prices are too much for you.

Please don't defame an award winning store because you couldn't afford to eat at the restaurant. I suggest you find a better job, or apply for food stamps.

You told me you panhandle at the 711 a few miles away to pay for food. I think the facts are mixed up.

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