My daughter and grand-daughters had a girls night out which we only do once a year. We we entered this gross nasty facility there was no food the salad bar was almost empty as was the food.

My grand child had raw chicken from the grill it was raw. Why can't they start preparing for dinner before five and clean up and put out food.

If that can't happen they need to just close the doors and yes I did complain to the so called manager and it didn't help spents $75.00 on absolutely nothing I would like a refund. We were there on 10-3-2015

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That's the saddest buffet I have ever seen. I would have immediately asked for a full refund and left.


The place was nasty, no food on the bar, got raw food, and STILL she ate there AND paid.....

to LadyScot Ontario, California, United States #1227223

She aint so smart is she....


You ate your share of food, you do not deserve a refund. If you cannot afford to feed your family than you should not be taking them out for dinner.

Take them to a soup kitchen if you want free food. Either that or get a job, so that you can afford to feed your family and not beg for refunds.

to KevinRichards #1049147

You sound like a real ***. I read her complaint twice just on case I missed something due to your *** comment.

There's no way she spent all that money and got the food she paid for if so why would she complain??

We have buffets around here some are good some are awful. This site is to complain on so leave her alone.

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