Golden Corral Endless Prime Rib Ribs Reviews

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My wife and I went to the Golden Coral in Punta Gorda Florida for the buffet with prime rib.The buffet was good with the exception of Prime Rib. It was dry and tasteless. I have had Prime Rib from many locations and this is the worst. The whole prime rib appeared to be the same. The picture of the prime rib was exciting but the delivery was something else. This experience will not drive me away, but it something that I believe that the...
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Despite TV ads and pictures of medium rare prime rib, what you get is very overcooked tough and dry-on EVERY visit to Pembroke Pines, Florida location.They always have an excuse but it is never corrected. Was the same shoe leather on previous prime rib promotions. So I sometimes ask for medium rare steaks. Man says wait so I wait and usually am then served Well Done steak. Steak man plays around with a tray full of cooked chicken-moving pieces...
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Golden Corral Endless Prime Rib Ribs Review

Went to Golden Corral on Sat. Night, there was four of us, we paid for all, and was so disappointed, prime rib was so well done was not good and tough, but I went for the shrimp it was very good, but we will not be bringing our guests there again, also there was no au jus for the meat, we were so embarrassed.One guest was out of state and one was from out of the country .