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Came here and couldn't believe my eyes how nasty and how I asked the manger why he said under staff and told him I saw a kid touch the food and put it back and be said there nothing he can do anything about it his name is Nate . The dishes were nasty as well and the food was prepared in a rush and not what we normally get at other locations the bathroom nasty and not clean January 1st was not a good day soda machine was also nasty and I told the lady at the front she just looked . Kids running around as well no control at this location my name is Linda and I would love for someone to contact me back

Product or Service Mentioned: Golden Corral Buffet.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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And come on January 1st most people hung out and brought in the new year only to get up at the butt Crack of dawn to deal with pigs the run wild make ton of mess just because they rare lazy and gross . I've been to my plies kids are acting a fool, and the parents aren't doing anything..yet I don't blame the establishment.

I love kurt cobain


All of your issues can be directed at one person, the customer. You sure don't think it is the employees making the messes and being disgustingly nasty do you?


It is up to the PARENTS to correct their children, not the employees. Stop blaming them for bad parenting.

to Anonymous #1087177

Actually you are wrong, when I go out to eat I expect to eat in peace and quiet. It is not my job to correct my children.

My job is to correct their behavior at home, a teacher's job is to correct them at school and their job is to correct them here.

Get your facts straight before replying. We are paying customers and should not have to worry about the stress of disciplining our children.

to Anonymous #1087217

Hope your joking your snots are your responseability and NOT EVERYONE ELSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1087220

if you can't discipline them while you are out with them then you sure aren't doing it at home, and i don't care who's child it is, if they give me any trouble i will snatch them up and give them the beating their parents actually need.

to Anonymous #1099228

It's not your JOB to make your kids behave in a restaurant??? Are you SERIOUS????

Wow bet they all end up in prison or worse with that kind of great parenting. IF you think disciplining your own kids is tough now have fun paying for their bail or worse.

do the world a favor and keep your legs together if that's the way you parent. Kids are more than just an increase in your welfare check lady!

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