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Golden Coral was to have a veterans dinner on November 14th. I went to attend but was appauled to see the line going down two blocks from the restaurant. What was worse, was that some groups consisted of like 23 people to include babies, sisters,brothers, cousins and many kids. I and my 3 veteran friends did not get to eat and we were some of the real veterans to whom this dinner was intended for.

We were very disappointed as we did not get to eat. Golden Coral did NOT check IDS but in some cases, like the 14 years olds and babies, it was obvious they never served a day. Golden Coral should limit the amount of people a veteran can take, to like one. This way those who served in the military and put their life on the line for these people, will get to eat the dinner that was meant for them. A very frustrated 100% disabled veteran. Please help by calling the golden coral complaint department and suggested a change in how the "VETERANS DAY MEAL" is run.

Thank you so much

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Why not go earlier or wait till the crowd died down.


Its sad to think people worry bought others.You think its a long line everyone gets fed and noone likes to eat alone.If they checked for ID it would be a longer wait.They put the trust that everyone would tell the truth.God will take care of those who lie.What did u think the line was going to look like.There are alot of veterans and active military people.The war still goes on unfortunately and every active and non active military men and woman should be honored on this day.We should all be loving towards others and be thankful that Golden Corral feeds our military men active and disabled.Thank You Golden Corral for the free meals.Keep up the Great job.Oh by the way.

Think bought how hard the servers work on that day and 90% of the guest dont tip.I bet you were one of them.I found out that they only make 2.13 an hour and on this day.They should be appreciated, but are not.Next time you eat for free remember your servers work hard and should be tipped.


It's a FREE $12 MEAL!!! If you dont feel like waiting your turn with the others...go to BK!!


I know for a fact that the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc, did not pay as no ID was required. Veterans themselves with maybe 1 guest should go first. After all, this is supposed to be for the veterans themselves.


There needs no change.We welcome all.

AS for the babies cousins, teens, ect. are all required to pay.

Vetrens as yourself who feel there should be a limit on the amount of family that can come, The veteran behind you or in front of you wouldnt want to eat with out there family.As for our line, we will not, not serve anyone we we close at nine on mondays but wer open until the line came to a halt and the stragglers were finished coming in.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry ...

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