Lake Placid, Florida

Totally disgusting and unsanitary action. The waitress took the tops from at least a dozen steak sauce bottles, put them all in a glass of water, stirred it with a spoon, shook the residue water of each top back in the glass and replaced the tops back on the bottles.

The water was not steaming (not that that makes a difference). However, prior to replacing the tops, she took a moist cloth from her apron(used to clean the tables) and washed around the rim of each bottle. All I can say is what a way to spread all sorts of germs and disease! Now, what other condiments are they doing the same...ketchup, etc.

Yes, I took a picture and the assistant manager stated that this is the way they were trained. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I can only imagine how many hands touched each top and now all those germs were added together in a glass of water.

Please do not eat at the Golden Corral in Lake Placid, FL.

Please take note of the picture below. The glass of water with the spoon,the remaining bottles of steak sauce and the waitress placing a top on another bottle before putting all the steak sauces back on the tables.

Product or Service Mentioned: Golden Corral Manager.

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I noticed you mainly took a picture of her chest area, sick perv.


LOL - I worked as a server at a GC and it's unbelieveble what they teach you - that same rag is also being used to wipe down all the bars all shift long - I know plenty of servers that repeatedly take dirty dishes to the back and return to the floor without ever washing their hands.

Helotes, Texas, United States #744778

I frequently go to this Golden Corral and your complaints are valid. I will go on to say that the so called chocolate fountain is actually chocolate syrup and not melted chocolate.

The Bakery is pathetic they over proof the rolls so they are always hard. The other day they had chocolate pudding that was lumpy and watery. The Baker always looks frazzled. They do have some great wait staff.

When we went during Prime Rib month the prime rib was over cooked and dry and gray. While I ask for some that was cooked like the picture (and they way prime rib should be cooked) I was told by the manager that the over temp was set to high and they didn't realize it until after they had cooked all the prime rib...seriously. The problems with this Golden Corral is the franchise owner who is currently trying to sell it. I see no reason for him to cut corners since this Golden Corral always seems to have steady business.

The issues with no putting out fresh cooked food is because of the owner wanting to push the old cold food. If you live in San Antonio and don't mind a little drive I highly suggest you visit the Golden Corral in Universal City, Texas. They have a excellent bakery and all the food is constantly made fresh, it is clean and well maintained the servers are fast and friendly.

It is clear the owner cares about his franchise as it is reflected in the high standards they continue to maintain. It's a shame the owner of the one located just outside of Helotes, Texas doesn't have the same pride in his business.


All golden corral locations are filthy. If you eat that filthy place you will find yourself rushing to the restroom soon after. You might as well eat out of a dumpster before you eat at diarrhea corral.


I worked as a server in a large, fairly expensive restaurant and you wouldn't believe what we were trained to do. Let me just say that no ketchup was ever thrown out (even if it was the last 1/2 inch at the bottom of the bottle) was dumped into another bottle to make it full.

This went on indefinitely and one night a ketchup bottle "exploded" in a customer's hand when he opened it. Practice continued however.


Not only the caps, but how about those salt and pepper shakers. Are those ver cleaned. Think about that next time you use them and your hand sticks to it

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #721792

If you knew everything that goes on in the food industry, you would most likely never eat in a restaurant again. Plus you would probably decide to raise all of your food.

Nobody knows what goes on in the background.

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