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This place usually has dirty plates,utensils,and tables. We have also noticed that this place attracts a lot of dirty looking customers.

People and their kids come in here to eat and some don't have very clean hygiene at all, dirty clothes and need of a bath-clean up or stay home. When my family goes out, we try to look our best. Hygiene is a must! This place is always about out of chicken,too,every time we show up, the chicken is almost gone with maybe 1 or 2 breast left.

This place really does not do too well keeping the chicken stocked.

We don't eat steak or shrimp,so we usually stay away at supper time-too pricey. This place has pretty tasty food overall, we would eat here more often as a family,but it cost too much,so we make it a birthday thing with our family.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #618639

Why eat there at all being you don't like the cleanliness of the business or the way the other customers look. Just who are you to judge how other people should look?

Did it ever occur to you that maybe they don't like the way you look?

Maybe you look too hoity-toity. If you don't like things, quit going there.

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