04/05/2012 I found a site on the Internet offering a buy one get one free coupon. After I entered my info

they sent me the pin number by cellphone. I entered it but it was denied. I tried several times with the

same result. I feel like I was scammed. If I don't get the coupon, I will not return to Golden Corral.

I entered my info in good faith. But I have nothing to show for it. It was all a waste of time. Don't post

items on the Internet like that in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Golden Corral Coupon.

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This post is pathetic. You are essentially saying you won't eat somewhere unless they give you a free meal.


Seems like Jedi Knight Ethan from Toronto, Ontario, CA must work for Golden Corral because I've seem him respond to several really bad golden coral complaints and always says that it must be a disgruntled employee based on the fact of spelling errors. Seems to me JEDI KNIGHT ETHAN must be employed by golden coral to write these outrageous claims.I have eaten at several Golden corals in my area and every single complaint on here I have seen.

Bad food, dirty, rude employees/ management, I've gotten sick as well. It's like Ecoli central in those restaurants.

I'm not a disgruntled employee, I'm a pissed off customer. Face it Jedi Golden Coral SUCKS!!!!!

to Mrs***ed #802468

Well perhaps since you are always siding with customers only for this company you were fired from the company? Most likely because they found out you were eight years old when you demanded a nap and cried for mommy every time a customer yelled at you.

to Mrs***ed #802470

It is very creepy and disturbing that you are stalking this person and going to lengths to find out where he lives. Especially when he chose to hide his location. It is creepy that you are trying to find out where he works, if you are that desparate for a date try on a dating site.


So you entered all this information to get a free coupon on "a site you found on the internet". Was it Golden Corral's website?

Or just a website you found? If it was not the Golden Corral website why are you mad at Golden Corral? Be mad at the website you found.

Better yet, be mad at yourself for giving out your info on good faith. It's called "accountability", try some for yourself.


So you only want to go to restaurants which offer free food. GET A JOB so you can pay for your food like most people. Also put in the right code so you don't have a problem.


I'd never go to Golden Corral after all of the ***, annoying commercials they've had. especially after the ones where the guy says a *** pun after the rival restaurant people have something happen to them like "don't flip out" after they get crushed by a spatula.

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