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My wife called Golden Corral corporate office and left a message about a complaint she had of Spanish-speaking employees talking rudely about the customers in Spanish as if no one could understand them. When the so-called representatives from Golden Corral called her, they proceeded to tell her not to be such a whiny *** and when I got on the phone after hearing the comments they proceeded to call me a dumb redneck and when I ask for their name and employee number, as if I thought they would really give it to me, their names were given to me as Ron and Michael, Ron having a very heavy British or Australian accent, and he tells me his employee number is CUNT69.

I soon realized that she had called the company headquarters and they were only concerned with company-owned stores and she was calling to complain about a franchise, which they obviously don't care about. Regardless, that is no excuse for them to play their little game and act and such an elementary school way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Golden Corral Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Michael would never say that. Everyone know that he is so spineless.

Ron has a Washington,DC accent. Where do you get Australian?

to Donald #1516045

Is this a game to you guys? Michael was blatantly playing his part.

And Ron..... Australian, D.C., Mexican, I don't care actually. He was disrespectful, Do you think that was acceptable? What if it was you or your wife?

Would you laugh it off? And yes, over the phone, he sounds like a Simon Cowell wannabe

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