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A letter I wrote to the main headquarters on 12/21/2017 WITH NO REAPONSE AT ALL!! Good morning, I’m writing because of my experience at Golden Corral in El Cajon, CA.

Years ago, we visited a Golden Corral in St. Louis, MO and was very displeased (approximately 10 years ago). So, we vowed to never go again. However, even though there was a Golden Corral in San Diego, we chose not to go.

Upon the new Golden Corral being built in El Cajon, we kept hearing about how good it was. We went twice before this visit and was very pleased. Therefore, we decided to bring our two grown sons and one minor son for their birthday. We raved about how good it was.

We even had a plan to bring our church group we eat with once a month (party of 18). ALL 5 OF US WERE VERY VERY DISPLEASED about this lunch. We were there 22 minutes after it opened, so the food should have been extremely fresh. Upon arriving, my food for starters was disgusting.

The waffles were cold, the butter was almost frozen (had never been to a buffet that didn’t have melted butter). The bacon was cold, the mashed potatoes looked like they had been sitting there for an entire day, and the baked/grilled chicken looked white not brown. I went to get an omelette and the guy didn’t know what he was doing. My omelette wasn’t flipped correctly and looked like mush on the plate.

He apologized and offered me another one. I asked where was the normal lady who was there and he said she was off. Shameful. I informed the manager, and in front of everyone, she yelled across the room to the cooks, “Hey you guys, this lady said the waffles were cold.” I told her I was embarrassed.

I then couldn’t eat my meal comfortably. I was shocked at the unprofessional behavior and told her I was embarrassed more than once. She said they need to know what they did. Well, not at the expense of everyone in the restaurant looking at me.

I lost my appetite. My three sons showed me that their hash browns/cut potatoes were half done, the French toast was raw in the middle, their omelette weren’t folded because after mine, he said he didn’t want to mess them up. They were flat like a disc. My husband said I should have taken pictures because all my youngest son could eat and did like was a plate full of strawberries dipped in chocolate.

They said they never wanted to come back! Neither do we!!! I will get the word out because I paid $75.88 for the worst meals in the world. I could’ve spent my money at Red Lobster, Sizzler, Olive Garden, Denny’s, IHOP, Coco’s or any other restaurant for cheaper and with better food.

Our eldest (grown son) said the food made his stomach hurt from the greasy sausage and bacon. My husband had to get up and ask for drinks. They usually come by and see your cup is empty and replace it. No one should have to keep getting up asking for drinks.

He asked the person were they on vacation since hey we’re behind the booth just talking. The manager was there but wasn’t managing. The manager, while walking by, came to my table after my husband complained to her, and signed the receipt saying she would “comp” me for my meal. She should’ve given our money back in total.

She knew we were very displeased! I told her we weren’t ever coming back. We were all really disappointed. I would like to be refunded for all 5 lunches.

This would have been the right thing to do since we complained as soon as we went to the food area to get the food. Thanks in advance for reading my long email.

I have my receipt as well with the 1 comp meal signed at the bottom by GW. Sincerely, A disappointed customer— Rhonda Poston

Product or Service Mentioned: Golden Corral Buffet.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Got a free meal and still cried.

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